Unwanted Messages

No more unwanted messages from unlikely matches.

My wife hated the mass of emails she'd get from guys who weren't remotely good matches. On some platforms the spam approach is the only way to go, but on HelenMeetsTroy we want you to get the messages from the people you want to receive them from. Our Green, Yellow, Red, mutual personality match sorting helps you not only visually know who you are a mutual match with, but we use it to filter your emails so your Gmail/Yahoo/etc inbox doesn't get filled with unwanted messages.

Your personal email inbox will always get the Green level messages as they are sent, but the Yellow and Red level matches (which we've found are the majority of the spam you don't want) will only go to your HelenMeetsTroy mailbox.

Once a day we let you know how many Yellow and Red messages are waiting for you, so should you get adventurous, you can explore the less likely matches.

PS: if at any point you get a contact you don't like, you can always block that member which removes them from your list and you from theirs.