Endless Browsing

Save time while we do hyper sorting to fit your specific tastes.

There are two levels of matching on HelenMeetsTroy. First we need to know who you are on the inside, your personality, and match you up with who you will most get along with.

The initial questionnaire determines your Mutual Personality Match % with each of your matches. If a match says 93%, they are a 93% personality match for you and you are a 93% match for them.

Frankly, anyone in your Green section is probably worth reaching out to.

But the second level of matching learns what you find attractive when you look at someone. This is actually very difficult to put into words. Ever hear the expression 'A picture's worth a thousand words', that is pretty much a description of how the brain is wired.

The part of our brain dedicated to what we see and how to process it is not well connected to the speech part. When we try to say what it is we find attractive about someone, it is always broken down to broad statements that are thousands of times less detailed than what we see. So instead of using words like eye or hair color,

we want you to look at pictures, teach us what you like without saying a thing,

just click a thumbs up or down, and let us present you your matches in the order you find most attractive so you don't have to browse through page after page feeling like you might be missing the one.