Liars, and fake profiles galore.

Well, we've solved that problem just for you! Catfishing is a term that entered the world's lexicon within the last decade. Its namesake was a documentary where a young man is deceived by someone claiming to be someone they are not through social media and fake pictures. This is a terrible thing people do, but instead of turning a blind eye, HelenMeetsTroy takes it on and gives you the tools necessary to decrease the chances of it happening to you.

Before you decide to meet in person, we want you to try our 'Safe Pre-Date Video Chat' so you can at least see if they are the same person in the pictures on their profile.

If you get red flags and warning signs from their profile this is a good way to confirm or debunk your suspicions, before wasting your time and money for an in person meetup.

As an added bonus, you don't have to hand out your cell # to everyone who talks good game, but instead you can keep the conversations safely within the HelenMeetsTroy platform via IM or Video, or Voice Chat.