1. Adventurous

In a survey from AskMen.com, the word “adventurous” came up for many of the women when asked about the top qualities they look for in men. But adventurous didn’t mean the women necessarily wanted a man to skydive with or who would drop everything at the drop of a hat and go on a roadtrip with— “adventurous” meant they wanted an open-minded man with a worldly view.

Women like men who are willing to try new things and entertain new points of view. Or who isn’t afraid to bust a move on the dance floor even when they have two left feet. Women want a guy who’s up for anything.

Why is this so attractive to women?

People don’t like to be stuck in a rut, especially when it comes to relationships. An adventurous guy means the relationship will always be exciting–even if it’s exploring different viewpoints in a discussion.

  • Adventurous = openness and willingness

Dating someone who thinks of eclectic restaurants to go to or finds a concert the other one has always wanted to see, or most importantly is open to what their partner wants to do to spice things up, makes for an easier and more enjoyable relationship.

2. Smart

When women look for a smart man, this doesn’t mean you have to be Einstein level, but

being smart is being sexy.

It doesn’t have to mean you’ve read every Shakespeare play–it could mean being proactive in your knowledge. For example, if you’re talking to or going on a date with a woman who loves modern art, do some research. Learn about the museums that are in the area and a few of today’s top modern art artists. Be interested, contribute what you know, but never take over the conversation or act like a know-it-all. So, if you’re not an expert on a topic, don’t pretend to be — intelligent people don’t do this!

Instead, they listen carefully and ask thoughtful questions.

A woman will appreciate this and be excited to share her passion with you. Don’t make yourself an expert overnight; when you show that you can go the extra length to gain knowledge on something you know the other person enjoys–that’s being smart.

3. Patience

A big vote on most attractive qualities women look for in men is patience. Women pay close attention to how men…

  • treat service workers
  • wait in traffic
  • line up at the bar

Handling tedious things like this gracefully is a huge turn on for women. No one wants to date someone who they think will get frustrated with them or lose their temper.

  • Patience shows emotional maturity.
  • Huffing and stamping your feet in line is a sign of immaturity and childish behavior.
  • Patience also shows empathy.

Instead of getting impatient and being rude to a waitress, a man’s patience shows he has empathy for the employees who are doing their best and if they were in that position they know how they would want to be treated.

People often think that patience is something you have or you don’t –but that’s untrue! Will some people are naturally impatient, it shows maturity that they actively try to be more patient and work to improve themselves–which is extremely attractive to women!

4. Honesty

To some this may seem like a no brainer, but honesty doesn’t stop at faithfulness. Honestly means communication and dependability. Being crystal clear about things and transparent about your expectations and what you want out of the relationship are honorable qualities that indicate you won’t leave a woman high and dry or promise her something you can never give.

But it’s not just being honest and open in the beginning–it also means being clear in your communication throughout the entire relationship. So, if issues arise, there’s no passive aggression–you deal with the issue up front. When a guy can communicate their concerns and desires honestly, the relationship can go so much smoother.

5. Shared Values

This trait is extremely desirable to women because it’s not a fake it until you make it situation. Having shared values with someone is attractive because it’s not something people normally change. It’s very important in any relationship that you share at least some core values. This you need to share same opinion on everything; rather,


“it’s about having the same basic idea of wrong and right, even if you quibble about the surface-level details.”

Core values are different to everyone. For some people, having their partner be a different political party isn’t a problem, but they want to share the same religion as their partner. For some it’s the opposite. You’re going to communicate about whether you have enough shared values to make a relationship work. Having the same views on what’s acceptable and not acceptable behavior makes for a strong foundation in any relationship.

6. Thoughtfulness

Thoughtfulness involves small gestures that show you respect and listen to your partner. Thoughtfulness can often be misinterpreted buying gifts or flowers, but that is only one interpretation of it, and definitely not the most important.

Thoughtfulness and generosity is about the intangible things and surrounds the notion of remind her that you care about her without needing to go over-the-top with flowers and chocolates every day. Even the little things, like knowing her favorite drink or remembering she hates olives on her pizza–these things show her that you’re being thoughtful and remembering even the tiniest things about her. Women are more perceptive than men and generally better at small, thoughtful gestures, so when a man can make an effort to get on that level, it really makes a difference in the relationship.

7. Physical Confidence

Physical appearance doesn’t top the list of most important qualities women look for in men, so no need to worry if you’re no George Clooney. But having physical confidence goes beyond the face and body you were born with. It’s grooming yourself well–

  • Nice cologne
  • Regular haircut
  • Trimmed facial hair

–to display the notion that you’re well put together and care about your physical appearance in a humble way. Find your signature style, what looks good on your body, what you feel most comfortable in.

50% of confidence comes from comfortability–whether that be in your clothes or within oneself.

8. Humorous

Women like funny men. Wittiness is a universally-admired trait, showing intelligence, and intelligence shows sexiness. It’s a talent to have wit and use it at the right time.

Humor also shows that they never take themselves to seriously. Women consistently report a good sense of humor as one of their biggest turn ons. But having a good sense of humor doesn’t just mean being able to tell funny jokes, it also mean appreciating when other people are funny too.

When you’re dating someone, you’re not trying to convince her that you’re funny, but rather trying to appeal to their sense of humor. Humor is an area where it’s important not to try too hard or force it, but

“You can improve your chances of making her laugh by paying close attention to what she finds genuinely funny.”

Sarcasm is the easy way out, so if you don’t have anything funny to say, don’t forget to appreciate her jokes, too. Being funny means being smart, and being smart means being sexy.

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