Music is extremely important to some people, as music taste is a huge look in to someone’s personality. From choosing a radio station on a car ride to deciding what concert to go to, music taste is a significant factor in any relationship. HelenMeetsTroy is here to unveil where the tunes play into your dating life.

1. Car Rides

Whether it be on the way to a restaurant or on a road trip up the coast, you and the other person are going to need to agree on the type of music to be played.

For some, listening to a rap playlist sounds like a great time, but to others it equals a headache.

Dating someone with similar music tastes means you can agree on a radio station, a Spotify playlist, or even introduce each other to new music!

2. Bars

Whether is be a first date or a fifth date–often bars have live bands or a genre of music they normally play. If your favorite bar plays jazz while your date prefers techno bar–you’re going to have to make a choice. Of course relationships are all about compromise, but when music is one less thing you have to compromise about, and instead can be an enjoyable experience that you can share with someone, that’s a great situation.

3. Concerts

Concerts are one of the top rated date locations–but only if both people enjoy the show they’re at. When you can connect with someone on the same music taste level, you can not only attend shows you enjoy together, but surprise the other person with shows you know they’d like. While common interests are a foundation to any relationship, discovery is a key factor that keeps people excited and interested, and a great way to do that is through music!

4. Emblematic of bigger shared interests

Chances are, if you have a similar taste in music with someone, you probably have many other shared tastes in things–such as movies, television shows, and even travel and other hobbies. Music can be personal and emotional, so chances are if you have similar taste in music with someone, that extends to other shared interests.

5. They can make the bad things better…

Whether there’s a lull in conversation in the car ride on your first date, or you end up having a fight with your partner, putting on music you both enjoy can make the situation better. Not only does it positively affect the individual (not many people can stay angry when listening to their favorite song) but they can remind both people that whatever their differences, they still have a lot in common.

6. They can also make the good things better

Whether it be the song that was playing in the restaurant on your first date, or the song playing in the car when you first kissed, that music is now accompanying one of the best memories you have together, and makes the memory that much better. When you can share a song or even a favorite artist with someone, that becomes ‘your’ thing as a couple, building that strong foundation.

7. Easy Present Buying

Buying presents for your partner is sometimes difficult, but if you both have a love for the same kind of music, it’s easy!

  • Albums
  • Posters
  • Concert tickets
  • Merchandise

Countless options for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and even your anniversary! And the best kind of gift is something you can share and experience with a partner.

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