1. Be Bio-You-tiful

Dating is all about putting your best self forward, and when it comes to online dating, that starts with the Bio. Choosing the right words are critical because one can often be misunderstood in an over-the-computer setting. For example, people who say

  • “I want someone who knows how to take a joke”
  • “I only speak sarcasm”

portray the idea that their jokes often come off as obnoxious. If your humor is something you want to showcase, you can instead say “Looking for witty conversation.”

2. Create a happy medium

When it comes to online dating, modesty is as much as a turn off as bragging. Many profiles on dating websites start with statements like:

  • “This is my first time doing this so I’m not very good at bios,”
  • “I’m a great cook and have a high paying job–no one can understand why I’m single.”

Putting yourself down or bragging won’t sound attractive because you’ll either sound insecure or boastful.

3. Keep it short and sweet

Keep the bio short. Instead of detailed descriptions about what you’re looking for in someone or all your life achievements, keep it to 100 words or less and be selective in your wording to enhance the effectiveness of your bio and attractiveness of your profile.

4. Stand out!

“I love music and spending time with friends” is the most generic line you could possibly have in a bio. Your goal is to stand out and attract the eye of that special someone with the special things that you have to offer.

Connecting on a common-interest level is one of the most important decisions in matching with a person. You do this by being yourself and specifying your interests. Instead of saying “I love music,” say

“I’m a huge R&B fan–looking for someone to see Bruno Mars in concert with!”

Specify your favorite place to see your friends. Information can be more than just interesting things about the person–they can be ideas for potential dates or just conversation starters!

5. A picture’s worth a thousand words dates

When uploading pictures, first make sure that you are showcasing yourself and not your social life. Posting group pictures with dozens of other people can hinder your profile. Family photos are fine, but no one wants to spend time trying to pick you out from your 10 friends.

A picture of you holding a prize-size fish or hiking in your favorite spot can showcase your personality and your fun side, while pictures in a bar or multiple pictures with drinks in your hand can come off as a red flag.

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