If you aren’t familiar with the phrase “cuffing season,” I am here to enlighten you. Cuffing season is defined by Urban Dictionary as

the period during the Fall and Winter months where people who would normally rather be single or unattached along with the rest of the world, desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship.

The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desiring to be cuffed. Skeptical? There’s legitimate scientific evidence to back it!  Licensed Psychotherapist Tristan Coopersmith tells us:

“We slow down in the fall. Summer is a busy time. There’s a feeling of wanting to get all the fun and freedom in. So by the time Fall hits, we’re all pretty spent and just want to chill. Serial dating takes too much effort we just don’t have post-summer.”

Biologically, the melatonin levels elevate during the shorter days, causing you to be more lazy and desiring to just lounge around.

So along with that seasonal slow-down, why do you have the urge to grab a partner to do that lounging around with? For one thing, testosterone rises in November due to the light and dark (and hot and cold) of the year affecting mating habits in mammals–yup we’re getting primal! It’s thought to be that these mammalian rhythms remain in our human makeup, even if we don’t have specific mating seasons like animals do. Sex hormones literally rise the colder it gets.

Research shows that heterosexual males are more attracted to females in the colder months than in summer months. As Coopersmith describes,

“it’s a supply and demand thing, or rather an illusion of supply and demand.”

In the summer months, more people are out and about; supply appears to be high. In the winter months, fewer people are out; supply appears to be low.

Cuffing season is Mid-October through Mid-February, so we’re right in the middle of it! Sign up for HelenMeetsTroy during the scientifically proven best season to meet someone!

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