When someone mentions online dating, many people’s minds go to the casual dating apps of a millenial generation. But online dating is for anyone and everyone. Pat Mumme, 83, proves this as she and her now husband are the oldest couple to ever meet on an online dating site and then get married.

This past December 2nd, Mumme married Dale Eschilman, 89, in a church surrounded by their large and loving family. The SS. Mary and Patrick Catholic church in West Burlington was big enough to fit their combined 28 great-grandchildren! Mumme and Eschilman were both widowed and after getting to know each other online for a year, decided that life’s too short not to give love one more shot. Since they lived over 3 hours from each other, they decided to meet halfway for an ice cream date. Needless to say the online chemistry carried through offline, and they bonded over their mutual love of strawberry milkshakes.

Eschilman says:

he has more in common with Mumme than anyone he’s ever met

and he’s not wrong! Even though they lived over 200 miles from each other, they had they same patterned kitchen dishes and same merry-go-round music box. While Mumme and Eschilman had separate losses, they found a shared love in one another.

“At our age, you don’t waste time,”

says Pat Mumm. The couple’s honeymoon plans are to set sail on a cruise of the Western Caribbean to celebrate having found their new love online.

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