We’re in the era where online dating is almost as popular as offline dating. Dating online has the pros of being quick and efficient, but unlike offline dating, it can also have the misconception of being based on likes, swipes, and scrolls. So what’s easier: dating online or dating offline? The answer may surprise you!

Let’s compare chronologically–meeting online vs meeting offline:

First, you need to put yourself out there and find a woman you deem as attractive, whether physically, mentally, or both!

Finding a woman you’re interested in

Offline: To meet a woman (if not by chance) you typically have to go to a bar or a club or a party; social places with people you’ve never met before. You’ve got to dress and groom to impress.

Online: To meet a woman, you just have to sign into your account on whatever online dating platform you’re using. You can be on your couch, on a train–wherever! Not dressed to impress? As long as you’ve got some flattering photos of yourself, all you need to do is upload.

So now that you’ve put yourself out there, it’s time to make the first move. This brings up to our second comparison.

Making the first move

Offline: Wherever you are–coffee shop, bar, etc.–you now have to work up the courage to go up to that woman you find so attractive and speak to her. You don’t know whether or not she’s single, if she’s straight, or even if she has anything in common with you. But if you do hit it off with her, you don’t have to wonder whether or not your internet connection will translate offline

Online: While it still takes courage to make the first move online, it’s definitely less intimidating to write a message to someone on your computer than say something in real life. You’re able to think about what you’re going to say to a woman before you type it, check out their profile to think of the right opening line, and do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Now that you’ve made the first move, it’s make-or-break time.

The Make-or-Break Moment

Offline: After getting up the courage to speak to a woman and think of the perfect thing to say, it may become obvious that you have nothing in common with her or that there are long lulls in the conversation. You have to awkwardly end the conversation and walk away, which many people aren’t good at.

Online: With HelenMeetsTroy, you know–even before you say a single word to the person–the mutual personality match percentage the person is for you. You know what level she is compatible with you and you don’t need to worry as much about not knowing what to say to her or if you have anything in common. And on the slim chance that she’s not the one for you, it’s easy to stop the chat and not further the conversation.

Perception and Comparison

Offline: Men often go out to bars looking to find an attractive and interesting woman. When you go out on a mission to meet a woman maybe have a few drinks in you–your perception of the person in front of you may be a little skewed, and instead of finding a woman with the qualities you’re looking for, you may look at the pool of women in the bar and set your eyes on the best one. But just because you’ve spotted the best looking woman in the bar, it doesn’t mean they’re what you’re looking for. It just means that your standards of compatibility have been lowered or confined based on the selection of women in that one bar on that one night.

Online: Because you’ve already uploaded a profile and filled out a questionnaire on your preferences ranging from physical looks to personality, you don’t have to worry about skewed perceptions or choosing a woman based on a limited comparison. With HelenMeetsTroy, you aren’t swiping from picture to picture looking for the most attractive woman and ultimately deciding that there aren’t that many choices so you choose the best one. You receive matches based on mutual personality match percentages, so you know your matches are based on things that are important to you.

Love is hard to find no matter where you look for it. But if you’re going to commit yourself to finding a person who deserves to be in your life, HelenMeetsTroy is the premium dating platform that will lead to the most compatible matches with the least difficulties along the way.

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