Welcome to our HelenMeetsTroy blog! We’re happy to have you here, and even happier to see that you’re investing your time in the next big thing in online dating! HelenMeetsTroy is the only dating site that can learn what you find attractive visually as well as personality-wise, and create the best matches. Our goal is to solve all the issues people have with online dating, making it the most easy and effective dating experience out there.

So how did we do this?

We listened to your problems and designed our program to solve them.


Receiving too many unwanted messages in your personal email from people you have little interest in dating.


Sorting your matches in an individualized and effective way. First, we sort your matches into one of three groups based on your questionnaire answers that create a mutual personality match percentage:

  • Green 100%-85%
  • Yellow 84%-75%
  • Red 74%-0%

This helps you to identify if you have anything in common (like a green match) or almost nothing in common (like a red match).

One of the biggest issues people have with online dating is the excessive amounts of messages from prospective dates that flood your personal email accounts.

HelenMeetsTroy only sends your green matches to your personal account, so you’re only receiving the best matches. Still want to see those yellow and red matches? No worries! Those will go straight to your HelenMeetsTroy inbox, so you can still access them without having them flood your personal accounts.


Catfishing/Not knowing if the person you matched with is the same person you’ll meet in real life.


Our 5 Minute ‘Safe Pre-Date Video Chat’. With each match, you can do a one-time, safe, pre-date video chat that automatically ends after 5 minutes. From then on, you can use our on-site voice chat and stay safe until you feel comfortable enough to exchange phone numbers.


Getting matched with people you don’t find attractive


A patented way to find out which face types you find attractive or unattractive.

Teach the platform what you find visually attractive in a person. All of this information is stored in your subconscious, and is naturally difficult to put in to words or descriptions. Our ‘Attraction Contraption’ learns what you are trying to communicate subconsciously when you like or dislike a picture. This information is used to organize users into a color match for you, based on your visual taste.

HelenMeetsTroy is not just another dating site. Our pioneering algorithm creates the most accurate and successful matches. Sign up today to be part of the future of online dating!

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