Everyone wants to be with someone who can make people laugh. To be the girl dating the guy who can command a whole room with his witty jokes. The earned and humble confidence that exudes from some humorous men is strong bait for any woman. But why do women value this most over the other traits?

Psychologist Robert R. Provine analyzed over 3000 online dating profiles and discovered men were more likely to offer good humor production ability on their bios. This is because they know humor is one of the most important things they can showcase to women.

So why do women gravitate towards the humorous men? Does having a partner who can tell them jokes all day rank higher than wealthy or good body? Yes, but it’s not the jokes that win humor #1 spot, it’s what being humorous means.

Being funny means being smart, and being smart means being sexy. Let’s break that down.  Unless a man is making very low quality jokes or is constantly sarcastic, chances are his humor comes with some wit. Successfully funny people are always one step ahead, their mind working a mile a minute. They are quick thinking and multi perspective because they found something funny to say before anyone else, at the right moment, that no one had thought of before. So, being funny is being smart.

As many people know, being smart translates to being sexy. A woman wants a smart man who will succeed professionally and make appropriate financial decisions. A man who can do that can provide a nice life for a woman, making him attractive. From way back in the caveman times, the women found the men who didn’t stray into the lion’s den most attractive, because they were smart enough to stay alive. Times have changed quite a bit since then, but it’s comparable to a man who decides to be smart and not blow a bunch of money gambling.

“Funny is smart and smart is sexy.”

So if you’ve ever wonder why you tend to date the funny guys, just know it goes deeper than just jokes. Your mind is recognizing a smart, capable man.

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